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Several years ago, Mike and Kim Botan of Hudson began blogging about their latest adventures on their website,, and earlier this month, Mike Botan released his first book,

Motorcycling Hudson couple sees the world with only the vaguest of itineraries


In their mission to make the world a smaller place, a Hudson couple shifted their motorcycle travels into full gear and proceeded to make lots of new friends along the way.

Sochi to Plymouth, curling's the hottest thing on ice


Late Sunday afternoons, groups of people from the Greater Plymouth area gather at Plymouth State University's ice arena to slide rocks down several 146-foot sheets of ice to a set of rings.

Rescue Run, Earth Day festivities set for April 26


The Seacoast Science Center's annual trail race, formerly known as the Whale of a 5K Trail Race, has a new name to reflect its newest initiative: marine mammal rescue.

NH People

Bow officer on Mount Everest climb survives avalanche


A Concord police officer taking part in a Mount Everest expedition was not injured by a recent t avalanche on the world's tallest mountain that killed 13. .

Alex Preston performs earlier this year at Souhegan High School in Amherst.

1 ‘Idol’ talk in NH as Mont Vernon's Alex Preston in final 6

0 Cynthia's Challenge raises $31K to help buy service dog


Public feedback needed at upcoming workshop in Dover


A public workshop for the city’s ongoing Downtown Pedestrian and Vehicular Access and Streetscape Study, which is being overseen by the city’s planning department, will take place in City...

0 There's fun to be had in cleaning up after a tough winter

0 Real Estate Corner: What you need to know about financing before you buy a home



Bull Moose Records in Salem prepares for the annual Record Store Day event this Saturday.

Record Store Day becomes a boon for independents


In the early 21st century, it's never been easy to hear or buy music whenever and where ever you want to, from iTunes to Spotify to Amazon, it can seem like there are as many music services as there...

Granite State Legends

Ocean Born Mary - Londonderry

Legend has it that "Ocean Born Mary" was born at sea on July 28, 1720, to James and Elizabeth Wilson.

Chief Chocorua - Albany

Chocorua's legend states that the proud Indian Chief refused to flee from conflict with the white man.

America's Stonehenge - Salem

The ruins of "America's Stonehenge," a 4,000-year-old man-made structure, is comprised of rock walls, chambers and monoliths that create an accurate astronomical calendar.

Willey Family Tragedy - Crawford Notch

The Willey family was killed by a landslide on August 28, 1826, after one of the most violent rain storms to hit the region.

Ruth Colbath's Love - Carroll County

Ruth Colbath's husband left the family farm one day in 1891, never to return during his wife's lifetime.

The Bear that Heard Sarah - Warren

In 1783, Sarah Witcher was lost in the woods near Warren, NH. Legend has it that the little girl was protected by a bear until she was rescued a few days later.

Smuttynose Murders - Isles of Shoals

In 1873, a double murder took place at Smuttynose, the largest of the Islands of the Isles of Shoals.

Legend of Lake Winnipesaukee - Lakes Region

Many moons ago on the northern shore of this beautiful lake there lived a great chief, Wonaton, renowned for his great courage in war, and for the beauty of his fair daughter, Mineola. She had many...

Owaissa, Owaissa - Hampton

An old Indian legend of Hampton Beach tells of the gentle Owaissa (Bluebird) and her cruel father Kenu. Owaissa had become very friendly with the white settlers and especially their children in a...

Passaconaway the Indian Chief - Merrimack

Passaconaway was chief of a Pennacook Tribe who was born somewhere between 1550 and 1570. Legend has it that he could make water burn, turn dried leaves green and make dead snake skin turn into...

New Hampshire's Doctor Granny - Jefferson

"Granny" Stalbird, also known as Deborah Vicker, was only the second woman to settle in the town of Jefferson.

The Witch of Hampton - Hampton

Eunice "Goody" Cole was New Hampshire's only convicted witch. She was tried and convicted in 1656 during the frenzy of the witch trials.

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