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John Harrigan

Freedom and glaciers, and getting their deer

On Wednesday, I made the three-hour trip to Manchester for a gathering at the Radisson to honor the memory of James Foley, killed at the hands of fanatics. It figured to be a gathering of the clan of press people and media people and all who hold freedom of expression dear, and it was.

Dick Pinney

Dick Pinney's Guide Lines: Waterfowling brings back years of happy hunting memories

WATERFOWLING is a passion we've indulged for well over a half-century and still haven't had our fill of. Much of this is because it seems almost every hunt has different situations and conditions that make it notable and sometimes quite memorable.

Nature Talks

A spider that has taken up residence at the home of Nature Talks author Cheryl Kimball catches a stink bug in its web.

The spider and the stink bug

It can be a little embarrassing after visitors leave our house and I notice, say, the giant spider web in the spare bathroom window. They must think that I (unlike spiders ironically) am very untidy.


Woman sues after her dogs kill neighbor's pet beagle

Emerald White said she was trying to retrieve her four dogs from her neighbor's yard when the beagle attacked her, causing her dogs to attack, the lawsuit said.

Gail Fisher's Dog Tracks: Breed's bad reputation skews the truth about pitbulls

This was not the column I planned to write for this week, but a letter to the Publisher has me off on a different tack. A reader wrote objecting to a paid ad in last Sunday's newspaper promoting an anti-pitbull website.


NH's fishing industry staggered


When the New England Fishery Management Council meets this week in Rhode Island, members hope to finalize a plan to rescue both an iconic species - Gulf of Maine cod - and those whose livelihoods have depended on it.

Last week's Rare Bird Alert


This is New Hampshire Audubon's Rare Bird Alert for Tuesday, Nov. 11.

Helicopter search finds lost hunter in Deerfield


A New Hampshire State Police helicopter crew is credited with finding a woman who became lost while hunting in the woods late Wednesday afternoon.

Regular firearms deer hunting season opens Wednesday


Regular firearms deer hunting season opens Wednesday, with many opportunities for hunters to bag either sex in each wildlife management unit.

Harry Brown at an ATV outing on a recent trip to Montana.

State's ATV trail system becoming big draw for outsiders


The head of New Hampshire's statewide organization for off-highway vehicles says the past two years have been a boon for riders and the related recreational economy, especially in the North Country.

John Harrigan's Woods, Water & Wildlife


WHEN THE University of New Hampshire and Fish and Game team up for a study on the status of bobcats and then put out a news release on it, you can bet it'll get a lot of attention.

Granite State Outdoors Guide

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